This 13-year-old Maker teaches MIT alumni

The BBC recently filmed 13-year-old Quin Etnyre hosting an Atmel-based Arduino workshop for the MIT Club of Southern California.

“I’ve heard great things about the MIT Media Lab,” Quin told MIT’s online Slice. “I met some grad students from MIT at the Maker Faire Bay Area a few years ago and they thought it was a great program. I hope to visit MIT someday.”

According to the publication, Quin’s connection to the Southern California club was made via Joan Horvath, the VP of Business Development at Deezmaker 3D printers (Deezmaker’s president is a mentor of Quin’s).

“We had been hosting ‘learn 3D printing’ events for the club at Deezmaker. I was talking to Quin and his dad about this, and we decided it might be fun to have Quin do one of his ‘learn programming Arduino’ events for the club. It sold out about a month ahead of time and we will probably do it again,” said Horvath. “Meanwhile the BBC had asked to do a piece on Quin, and when they found out about the MIT class asked to film him doing that. So the BBC piece led to a lot MORE press around it.”

As we’ve previously discussed on Bits & Pieces, Quin recently launched a company dubbed “Qtechknow” which manufactures ArduSensors – ultimately negotiating a deal with SparkFun to sell the Qtechknow kit en masse.

Jeff Branson, SparkFun’s educational outreach coordinator, says Quin is a “bellwether” for a whole generation of Maker kids, many who haven’t even been identified yet.

“We’re seeing more and more kids like Quin getting together and teaching each other,” Branson told PopSci earlier this year.

In addition to Quin’s Qtechknow kit, the Maker is also known for his FuzzBot which he built using the Pololu ZumoBot Chassis Kit, an Arduino Leonardo (ATmega32u4), a pan/tilt small servo and a Parallax Ping Ultrasonic Distance Sensor. As Makezine’s Stett Holbrook notes, Quinn programmed most of the code himself using the Arduino IDE, ZumoBot and the Ping libraries for Arduino.

So what does Quin want to be when he grows up? An educator, user experience designer and electrical engineer. You can read more about Quin the Maker here, the FuzzBot on Instructables and the Qtechknow on Sparkfun.

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