Atmel’s SAM9G25 powers CoreWind’s SoM

CoreWind has debuted a system-on-module (SoM) powered by Atmel’s ARM-based SAM9G25 embedded MPU (microprocessor). The CORE9G25 – targeted at engineers – helps reduce development time for the design of low-power sipping Linux-based devices.

According to the CORE9G25 product page, the platform integrates the CPU, RAM, Flash, Ethernet, power and EMI components on a single SMD component (40×40 mm,1.57×1.57 inches) using a six-layer PCB.

Aside from Atmel’s SAM9G25 MPU, key product specs include:

  • 128-256 MByte DDR2 RAM (system memory)
  • 10/100 Mbit LAN
  • Three host ports
  • 6 serial lines (UART)
  • Two I2C buses
  • Two SPI buses
  • Up to 60 GPIO lines
  • OS boot from Nand Flash or SD card
  • Supports BuildRoot & Debian

CoreWind is also offering its CORE9G25-CON (expansion) board which can be used to evaluate the CORE9G25 SoM and create end-user products for prototyping.

As CNX Software notes, the CORE9G25 (base) is somewhat similar in specs and appearance to the ARIA G25 manufactured by ACME Systems.

The CORE9G25-128 is currently available for $30; the CORE9G25-256 for $40; the CORE9G25-CON (128) for $50 and the CORE9G25-CON (256) for $60

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