ATMega32U4 MCU drives Multiplo’s robotic kits

Multiplo – powered by Atmel’s ATMega32U4 MCU – is now available in the Maker Shed. As Makezine’s Michael Castor notes, Multiplo is more than just a standard ‘bot kit. Rather, it is a comprehensive platform for building and learning robotics.

“It’s completely open-source, [with] all the components freely downloadable as STLs for 3D printing from Multiplo’s website,” Castor explained in a recent Makezine blog post. “[The ‘bots can be] programmed using one of two software packages: a version of the Arduino IDE called DuinoPack (optimized to work with Multiplo), or the graphics-based miniBloq [which offers] a drag-and-drop experience. The miniBloq code view lets [Makers] see the Arduino code in real time, making it a great first step into into robotics and physical computing.”

The Multiplo Starter Kit is recommended for those who want to begin learning the basics of robotics. It features the DuinoBot controller, two gear motors, an IR remote (plus sensor), two IR sensors, a pair of light sensors, mechanical parts, nuts/bolts, tools and a USB cable.

The more advanced Building Kit includes everything listed above in the Starter Kit, with the addition of two servos, an ultrasonic sensor, two LED beacons and mechanical parts such as gears and a gripper with touch sensor.

Both kits are available now in the Maker Shed. Additional information about the Atmel-powered DuinoBot controller can be found here.

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