Building an interactive Twitter clock

A graphic designer and Maker by the name of Johannes Hoffman recently created an interactive Twitter clock aptly dubbed “Tweety.”

Key project components include an Atmel-based Arduino Uno board (ATmega328), Ethernet shield, mini thermal printer (Adafruit), three servo motors, on/off toggle button LED, DC barrel jack, 5V 2A DC power supply, clockwork and an antique cuckoo clock.

So, how does the clock work?

Well, according to Hoffmann, the Atmel-based Arduino Uno is tasked with checking if there are new tweets from a specific Twitter account.

“If so, the ‘bird servo’ starts to rotate and the bird-door opens,” Hoffman explained in a recent blog post. “Then the two ‘sound servos’ brings the Cuckoo Clock flutes to sing and the bird nod with his head. Simultaneously, the [thermal] printer prints all new tweets.”

It should be noted that Tweety was recently featured on the official Arduino blog. Interested in learning more about the interactive Twitter clock? You can check out Tweety’s project page here and the relevant Arduino code here.

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