Timo Maas meets Arduino in Tantra

German DJ, producer and dance music artist Timo Maas has premiered a slick new video. In the words of Rolling Stone, the clip illustrates how the fusion of mechanical design and electronic music can be absolutely mesmerizing – if they are properly paired.

“The goal was to create a totally immersive viewing experience that brings the track to life through the visuals, connecting every little sound with a certain movement,” Maas told Rolling Stone. “My team found this insanely talented Japanese artist who liked the song so much that he built an entire art installation from various mechanical devices controlled by a computer processing all the different parts of the track. It is quite different and really conveys the hypnotic feeling that I wanted.”

According to John D. Luerssen of Rolling Stone, creative director and software engineer Daito Manabe and his team spent weeks researching and testing materials before building the final installation from an Atmel-based Arduino controlled ball dispenser, motorized rotating steel plates and LED lights.

The track was subsequently deconstructed into MIDI parts so the movements fit with the shifts in volume, vibrato and cues. As Maas notes, the song is quite “possibly the most complex track” on the album.

“It has a certain beauty and deepness behind it, making it definitely one of my favorites to date,” he added.

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