Siemens selects Atmel’s maXTouch for Simatic Industrial Flat Panel

Siemens Industry Automation has selected Atmel’s versatile maXTouch controller to power the touchscreen for its Simatic industrial flat panel which is capable of delivering maximum usability in even the most rugged scenarios.

Indeed, as we’ve previously discussed on Bits & Pieces, Atmel’s maXTouch mXT1664S meets all the stringent requirements for industrial environments, delivering seamless touch performance even when subjected to high temperatures, vibrations, impact and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

More specifically, the touchscreens on the Simatic industrial monitor, powered by Atmel maXTouch controllers, deliver high signal to noise ratio (SNR), thereby enabling optimized touch performance in the noisiest industrial environments. In addition, Atmel’s maXTouch technology supports “gloves on” use, water resistance and multi-finger touch.

“Our customers demand continued performance with our industrial machines,” said Sidney McLaurin, Product Marketing Manager, Siemens Industry. “We selected Atmel’s maXTouch controllers because of their high SNR, resulting in superior touch performance even in unpredictable industrial environments with EMI, water, dust and constant vibrations. [Moreover], Atmel connected us with their local touch network, from touch module providers to their sensor partners, enabling us to bring our Simatic touchscreen faster to market.”

Rob Frizzell, Director of Large Touchscreen Products, Atmel Corporation, expressed similar sentiments.

“Our work with Siemens highlights just how ubiquitous touch has become, as everyone’s expecting intuitive touch interfaces with superior performance whether for consumer, industrial, or automotive applications,” Frizzell added. “Atmel maXTouch controllers deliver advanced touch performance including multi-touch, thinner sensors, superior noise immunity and support for ultra-thin passive stylus. Consumers benefit from these features with a more intuitive, robust interface for their smart, industrial panels on larger touchscreens.”

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