Playing RFID Pic-Tap-Toe

The Boston firm of Allen & Gerritsen recently acquired the Philadelphia-based Nieman, expanding the total number of company staff to a formidable 200. As Erik Oster of AgencySpy notes, it was obviously going to be quite a challenge for the two corporations to get to know each other.

Ultimately, the folks at Allen & Gerritsen decided on a rather unconventional approach, choosing to eschew the traditional email and profile picture exchange. Instead, they kicked off a friendly cross-office game of Tic-Tac-Toe. However, rather than using simple Xs and Os, Allen & Gerritsen created a platform based on 9 radio frequency identification (RFID) readers, a Wi-Fi enabled (Atmel-powered) Arduino Yún (ATmega32u4) and Instagram to put a new spin on the traditional game.

So, how is the game of Pic-Tap-Toe played?

Each office takes turns by placing a game piece on sections of a custom game board consisting of RFID readers and an Arduino. Instead of Xs and Os, Instagram photostreams appear on one of the 9 corresponding screens in each office. Screens are updated in real-time in both locations – acting as a social digital connection point for all employees.

Interested in learning more about Pic-Tap-Toe? You can check out the game’s official page here.

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