3D printing to take center stage at CES 2014

Bre Pettis, CEO and co-founder of the Atmel-powered MakerBot, will be delivering a keynote address at the 2014 International CES Leaders in Technology (LIT) Dinner on January 8 at Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. The invitation-only event gathers and honors the top technologists, entrepreneurs and policymakers instrumental in furthering technology innovation.

The Atmel-powered MakerBot will also be be taking center stage in the 3D printing TechZone at CES 2014. New to the show floor, the 3D TZ was established to showcase the latest advancements in 3D printing technology from top companies in the category. Indeed, following its initial launch, the 3D Printing TechZone sold out more than 3,000 net square feet of exhibit space and has since expanded to 6,900 square feet to meet exhibitor demand.

Pettis has led MakerBot as CEO since its inception in 2009. Prior to co-founding MakerBot, he co-founded the Brooklyn hacker collective NYC Resistor, where Atmel-powered Makerbot technology was first created, tested and proven. Pettis was also instrumental in building the first prototypes of MakerBot’s 3D printers – and is known worldwide as a leading evangelist for personal manufacturing.

In other MakerBot news, the company recently announced a new educational mission to put an Atmel-powered MakerBot Desktop 3D Printer in every American school. As we’ve previously discussed on Bits & Pieces, the first MakerBot Academy initiative includes 3D printing bundles for classrooms, an awesome Thingiverse Challenge along with generous support from both individuals and organizations.

“[You can help] get the word out. Tell the teachers you know to register at DonorsChoose.org. Support a school [and] contribute to the effort by choosing a teacher; help get them set for the Next Industrial Revolution,” MakerBot’s Ben Millstein, wrote in an official blog post detailing the initiative. “[You can also] participate in the Thingiverse Challenge, develop models that teachers can use to improve science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education.”

Unsurprisingly, the first MakerBot Academy initiative is off to an excellent start, with a number of teachers jumping into action to promote the project.

“They’re rapidly registering their requests on DonorsChoose.org and are making great progress on crowdfunding MakerBot Academy Bundles for their classrooms,” said Millstein. “[Plus], Bre Pettis has personally pledged to put an [Atmel-powered] MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer in public high schools in Brooklyn, NY, home of MakerBot HQ where we manufacture all our desktop 3D printers and scanners.”

Interested in learning more about putting an Atmel-powered MakerBot in every American school? You can check out the official MakerBot Academy page here.

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