Video: An Arduino-powered Pokemon finder?!

A Maker by the name of DekuNukem has created a unique, hands-free shiny Pokemon finder using an Atmel-powered Arduino board and a few parts from Sparkfun.

“It chain fishes at full speed and without fail at a touch of a button. The fishing keeps going without human input until a shiny shows up, at which point it stops and sound a buzzer to notify the user,” DekuNukem explains on a recent YouTube video.

“It took 81 chains to catch a shiny in this case, but during my other tests it’s usually around 50, and sometimes even less than 20 chains get you one.”

So, how does it work? Well, as the HackADay crew notes, DekuNukem’s build hinges on the fact that all shiny Pokemon have a short animation whenever the player encounters them in the wild. More specifically, the above-mentioned configuration uses a fishing rod, with the Arduino Micro (Atmel ATmega32u4) first pressing the Y button to cast the rod, while the ‘duinos ADC listens to the audio signal until a bite is indicated.

“A light sensor taped to the bottom screen of the 3DS then measures the amount of time the screen is blacked out,” writes HackADay’s Brian Benchoff. “The extra animation for every shiny Pokemon means this blackout period is about half a second longer. If the Arduino doesn’t see a shiny, it ‘runs away’, but if a shiny is detected a buzzer sounds to tell the extremely lazy Pokemon trainer they have a shiny on their line.”

Interested in learning more about the Arduino-powered Pokemon finder? You can check out the project source code here.

1 thought on “Video: An Arduino-powered Pokemon finder?!

  1. Stuart

    Does this not reflect the monotony and engagement deficiency of games for games consoles? I think it is brilliant that DekuNukem was able to circumvent such button-pressing numbness through dint of work and careful perception of the game’s function.



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