Video: Arduino powers this MIDI Fork-o-Drumbot

A Maker by the name of Vito has created a slick MIDI Drumbot using an Atmel-powered Arduino, 12V solenoid and a MIDI interface. Additional key components include various recycled materials, such as cardboard, elastic and yes, even a plastic fork.

“I wanted to use the MIDI interface and then maybe develop a stand-alone interface,” Vito explained in a blog post.

“Some specific MIDI notes received by the Fork-o-drumbot (sent by the computer sound card or every other external MIDI interface) triggers a specific solenoid. The solenoid drives a specific stick, making it hit one of the percussions.”

As the HackADay crew notes, the MIDI Fork-o-Drumbot was recently featured in a local newspaper after performing a duet with a local singer during an art exhibit called the Singing Balconies of Friedrichshain.

“It´s *SO* satisfying and when something unexpectedly comes to life! You have the feeling that you could build anything with only the stuff you have around,” Vito added.


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