7Electrons: An Atmel-powered eBookmark

Back in July, Jinna Kim of 7Electrons completed preliminary sketches for an eBookmark powered by an 8-bit AVR Atmel microcontroller (MCU), various Adafruit components, LEDs and a resistive touch strip.

The device – dubbed the 7Electrons eBookmark – is now operational and live (in pictures) on the 7Electrons blog.

According to Terry Burton of 7Electrons, the eBookmark is envisioned as a bridge between analog and digital worlds.

“From the beginning, the eBookmark was conceptualized as a statement on books and their current place in the world. Our generation bridges a strange divide where paper exists but is slowly being nudged out,” Burton explained.

“The eBookmark attempts to bridge a similar divide that we ourselves have lived through. Jinna used to re-read pages because she would forget which paragraph and side of the page she left off on.”

The 7Electron eBookmark, says Burton, allows the reader to save his or her place on the page – and with a switch they can also select the left or right page. The top also extends for use with larger books.

“The process of creating the bookmark involved wood carving, software development in C on an Atmel 8-bit processor, and hand wiring of all the electronics, LEDs and battery with fine wire,” Burton added.

“[Meanwhile], 16 tiny surface mount LEDs shine through the opaque face and the MCU remembers where you left off in your reading… In an era where bookstores are dying and libraries are collecting cobwebs, our piece is a bridge between analog and digital.”

Interested in learning more about the Atmel-powered eBookmark? You can check out additional pictures on the official 7Electron blog here.

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