Video: TinyG2 port runs on the Arduino Due

The TinyG2 is a cross-platform ARM port of the (Synthetos) TinyG motion control system that runs on the Atmel-powered Arduino Due. It is used in conjunction with the gShield – a hardware platform for Dank’s CNC motion control system – to build a high performance three-axis motion control system.

“We chose the Due as the platform for the TinyG ARM port because it’s powerful enough to really run the application well, but it’s still simple and accessible so people can extend the application and experiment with new functionality,” Alden Hart of Synthetos told Zoe Romano of the official Arduino blog.  “By and large TinyG2 works identically to TinyG, and most configuration and other questions [can be answered on] the TinyG wiki. (”

According to Hart, key G2 features include:

  • Full 6 axis motion control – XYX linear axes and ABC rotary axes.
  • Step outputs available for 6 motors (motors are mappable to axes).
  • Jerk controlled motion for acceleration planning (S curve 3rd order motion planning).
  • RESTful interface using JSON.
  • Extremely stable and jitter-free 100 Khz step generation.
  • Complete status and system state displays.

Interested in learning more ? Additional information about the G2 is available on the project’s official page here (

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