ATmega328P powers this GPS Cookie

Designed by Richard Haberkern, the open source GPS Cookie is built around Atmel’s popular ATmega328P microcontroller (MCU). As Haberkern notes, the Cookie’s compact form factor (available in two form factors, or shapes) makes it easy to carry, experiment with and expand.

“Take it with you, throw it in a bag or redesign the whole thing to create your own unique version of this GPS data logger. The unique open access design let’s you write code, make design changes and test your applications as you go. Think of the GPS Cookie or Sandwich as a prototyping platform and fully functional product in one great design,” Haberkern wrote in a recent Kickstarter post.

“Just insert two AAA batteries and any micro SD card to start recording and location data. The on board LEDs will tell you when the GPS Cookie is receiving satellite data and recording your route history. After your car ride, bike trip, walk or any other journey is over, just pull out the SD card, upload it to Google Earth and you are ready to view everywhere you or the GPS Cookie or Sandwich has been.”

Aside from Atmel’s ATmega328P MCU, key GPS Cookie specs and features include:

  • All Arduino compatible I/O pins accessible via pin headers
  • Compatible with Windows, MAC, Linux and Android
  • Works on all computers and mobile devices
  • Large storage capacity for years of data collection
  • 5Hz (1/5 second) Max navigation update rate
  • Factory firmware logs at 1Hz (Arduino code is adjustable)
  • Power consumption can be controlled with your code
  • 32 Kbytes Flash Memory
  • 16 MHZ Clock Speed
  • Arduino UNO Compatible Bootloader
  • Micro SD Card Slot on board
  • (2) AAA Battery holders
  • 50 Channel GPS receiver
  • NMEA and U-Blox binary datastreams
  • High gain 360 degree fractal antenna doesn’t care which way it is pointed.
  • GPS L1 Frequency
  • SBAS, WASS, EGNOS, MSAS enabled
  • Cold Start – 26 seconds Max
  • Warm Start – 26 seconds Max
  • Hot Start – 1 second
  • -162 dBm tracking sensitivity
  • -148 dBm Cold Start sensitivity
  • 2.5 meter Horizontal accuracy
  • 0.1 meters per second velocity accuracy
  • 0.5 degree heading accuracy
  • 50,000 meters maximum altitude

Interested in learning more about Richard Haberkern’s GPS Cookie? You can check out the project’s official Kickstarter page here.

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