Video: Let’s make an Arduino!

Distributors estimate that over one million Atmel-powered Arduinos have been sold since 2005. And why not? As DesignBoom notes, the DIY Arduino community is among the most resilient and inventive in the Maker Movement.

Recently, the DesignBoom crew visited a number of Arduino production facilities in Piedmont, Italy.

The circuit boards themselves are manufactured at System Elettronica in Strambino, with further assembly work conducted at BCA and SmartProjects staff in Scarmagno preparing the boards for shipping.

At System Elettronica, owner Ludovico Apruzzese escorted the DesignBoom team around the factory, where many of the production machines are driven by control circuits that Apruzzese himself designs and produces in-house.

Next up is SmartProjects in Scarmagno where employees compile Arduino’s starter kits, assemble boxes and package the wildly popular boards.

“Tested throughout their construction, Arduinos are loaded with the firmware and subjected to a final examination by hand before ever being sent to the packaging floor,” the DesignBoom crew explained. “Such rigorous testing puts the probability of a malfunctioning device at less than 1%.”

Interested in learning more about how Atmel-powered Arduino boards are built, from start to finish? Be sure to check out the full text of DesignBoom’s article here.

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