A flexible LIMBERboard for Makers

LIMBERboard – powered by Atmel’s versatile ATMega168  – is targeted at the rapidly growing DIY Maker Movement which is currently shaping the wearable future. Created by Infinite Corridor Technology (ICT), the flexible platform is a stretchable, programmable microcontroller (MCU) board with an open source design philosophy.

“LIMBERboard is the perfect tool for wearable projects like health monitors, activity monitors, impact detectors and more,” the ICT crew explained. “The Bluetooth featured in our first iteration also allows you to send data from the microprocessor to a smartphone, making LIMBERboard great for all mobile projects. Despite its many capabilities, we’ve developed LIMBERboard to weigh less than a nickel so it’s ideal for applications that need to be lightweight.”

The market-ready LIMBERboard will be equipped with a mini-USB port and is programmable using Arduino dev tools. Meanwhile, the very first LIMBERboard features an ATMega168 microprocessor, three-axis accelerometer, lithium ion battery, Bluetooth and boasts the ability to flex, fold and twist more than 120,000 times – all while maintaining full functionality.

Interested in learning more about the Atmel-powered LIMBERboard? Be sure to check out the project’s page on Dragon Innovation here. LIMBERboard is currently seeking crowd-sourced funds, with an initial goal set at $40,000.

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