ATtiny13 MCU powers DIY digital dice kit

A new Atmel-powered DIY digital dice kit recently surfaced on eBay. Designed and sold by eBay member “applemount,” the DIY digital dice kit features Atmel’s ATtiny13 MCU, front and center.

Aside from the ATtiny13, additional key components include:

  • 1 – Lead-free professionally printed circuit board (2″x2″)
  • 7 – Red LED’s
  • 1 – Battery holder
  • 1 – Button switch
  • 1 – CR2032 battery (included)

“Push a button and the die will display a random number from 1 to 6 just like a dice! [The kits are] great for board games. [Plus], you get a free CR2032 battery with each kit!” applemount wrote in a description posted on eBay.

“[The kit] uses advanced on-board entropy collection to generate real random numbers. Soldering is required, [although] each part is clearly labeled on the printed circuit board for easy assembly.”

Interested? Step-by-step assembly instructions are available on Instructables here, while the DIY kit can be purchased for US $12 here.

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