Yes, the hardware revolution is upon us

The current hardware revolution is characterized by ubiquitous wireless broadband (Internet of Things) and reasonably priced equipment including processors, memory and sensors.

As the folks at True Ventures point out, it is a great time for Makers and the DIY community to tinker with hardware, since building factories is no longer a prerequisite for building products.

“Add to the mix emergent technologies such as 3D printing and inexpensive laser cutters that put prototyping capabilities onto a kitchen table and we suddenly are facing an extraordinary revolution in hardware-based innovation,” explained Jon, a True Ventures exec.

“This is a tectonic shift that is going to drive the next wave of industrialization — one that is more nimble, adaptable and rapidly evolving. One that is as much based in software as it is in assembly lines.”

According to True Ventures, the past 150 years were about the economics of labor and mass production. The present? Information flow, data and analytic platforms are the new tools augmenting the lathes, pneumatic hammers and assembly lines of yesteryear.

“Investors have historically shied away from hardware, but we have long believed these enormous forces will change the industry and the world,”  Jon continued. “True Ventures has been early and big investors in the burgeoning hardware and device wave.”

Indeed, True Ventures was an early investor in [the Atmel-powered] MakerBot back in 2010 and have since helped fund a number of hardware start-ups.

Jon also noted that True Ventures believes we are only at the very beginning of the hardware revolution, with the world eagerly awaiting new devices and new platforms.

“We need a large scale device control and management platform that enables configuration, addressability, access, registration, tracking. We are still in desperate need for advance control plane software that will enable features in robotics like sense and avoid, swarm coordination, traffic management, ideally across device types,” he added.

“Some of the platforms we’ve seen will literally blow you mind at first glance. New devices will create a entirely new view into our world, from the nano to the galactic, from the human body out into the oceans, the atmosphere, space and beyond. We expect brilliant things to come in the years ahead. Welcome to the hardware revolution.”

The full text of “The Hardware Revolution is Upon Us and Why it Matters” is available here on the True Ventures blog.

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