The Arduino-Daft Punk-cake connection

This isn’t the first time Bits & Pieces has run an article about Arduino and Daft Punk.

However, this time around there is a rather interesting twist to our story, namely, a massive tribute cake painstakingly baked to honor the talented French band.

Yes, Shantal Der Boghosian is the owner and cake decorator of Shakar Bakery, although she is also an engineer and a chemist based in Los Angeles California. Recently, Der Boghosian wrote to the folks at the official Arduino blog, informing them of her 5ft (152cm) tall tribute cake for electronic music duo Daft Punk which she created together with her sister and Garen (coder).

The coolest thing about this project? The “bodies” of the band are made of cake, with their heads programmed via an Arduino Mega to move at the rhythm of the track “Get Lucky.” All of the above apparently took a grand total of two months to design, over 100 hours to build the structure and another 100 hours spent on the electronics, programming and mechanics.

“We had a lot of bumps in the road and we worked through every single one. This was the first time I ever built a cake structure, the first time I sculpted with rice krispies, and the first time I built a cake on such a massive scale!” Der Boghosian told the Arduino blog.

“This was Garen’s first time coding an Arduino servo, and creating head motions that defied weight restraints! I have to admit that we did a last minute surgery to the silver helmet to make the ‘no’ motion more fluid.”

Additional info about the Arduino-powered Daft Punk cake can be found here.

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