Building an Arduino-powered Nerf Vulcan sentry gun

BrittLiv – a chemical and biological engineering student – has transformed a Nerf Vulcan into a sentry gun capable of automatically aiming and firing at targets.

The azimuth and elevation mount for the gun is constructed out of plywood – with each axis controlled by a single servo attached to an Arduino Uno powered by Atmel’s stalwart ATmega328 MCU.

As the Hack A Day crew notes, the talented Maker also increased the voltage flowing to the gun’s motor, as well as the overall strength of the Vulcan by replacing a 2kg spring with a 5kg spring.

Meanwhile, targets are tracked with a webcam via Processing and some code from Project Sentry Gun. Of course, individuals wearing an Instructables t-shirt will be spared the otherwise inevitable barrage of plastic darts.

Additional key specs include:

  • Servo for the turn axis: BMS-660DMG+HS
  • Servo for the tilt axis: Hitec HS-805BB
  • Wire
  • TIP120 transistor
  • 1N4004 diode
  • 1k resistor
  • Pin header
  • 6 Volt battery pack
  • 5 kg replacement spring for the Vulcan
  • Optional: Paint and plastic primer for the gun
  • 3 mm lead pearls or something similar as a counter weight
  • 6V 3700mAh battery pack
  • 9.6V 2000mAh battery pack
  • Webcam
  • Laptop

You can learn more about BrittLiv’s Arduino-powered Nerf Vulcan sentry gun on Instructables here.

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