Arduino-Lego DIY book hits Amazon

Jon Lazar has penned an instructional book for Makers that describes how to use various Atmel-powered Arduino boards in a wide variety of LEGO projects.


“Once the list of projects was decided, some needed to get approval. [So] I began work on the non-licensed projects while reaching out to the IP holders of other projects,” Lazar explained. “While some turned down the inclusion of the book, the most exciting email I received was from the BBC allowing me to include the TARDIS in the book.”

According to the author, featured projects include:

  • The Android – Turning its head in response to Ultrasonic sensors.
  • Ultimate Machine – A machine that turns itself off.
  • Twitter Pet – A Karotz inspired LEGO sculpture that reacts to Twitter.
  • Crystal Ball – An RFID activated crystal ball that reacts when a wand is waved in front of it.
  • TARDIS – Lights and sounds animate the LEGO TARDIS.
  • Train Controller – Control LEGO trains with the Arduino.
  • Light Sensitive Box – A music box inspired box that will react when exposed to light.

All the projects are described in-depth, says Lazar, providing technical information in terms that are easy to understand.

“It starts from the beginning, teaching the basics and moving on to more advanced techniques, so that anyone can build them. It also includes a list of all parts necessary, so that all the necessary parts can be easily ordered to build them,” he added.

“Arduino and Lego Projects” can be ordered from Amazon for $15.39 in e-format.

6 thoughts on “Arduino-Lego DIY book hits Amazon

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