Atmel-powered Babuino connects smartphones to digital devices

The Atmel-powered Babuino (USB) stick allows users to easily control multiple electronic devices from their smartphones.

Babuino, designed by OpenJungle, is also capable of the reverse – controlling a smartphone from a PC or Mac.

There are currently two versions of the open source Babuino: one enclosed in a case (stick) and the other, as a board, sans case with fully accessible ports. As noted above, both iterations of the device are powered by an Atmel MCU.

Specifically, original prototypes are equipped with an ATMega32U4 microcontroller, although the final versions of Babuino are expected to boast the ATXMega128A1U MCU. Additional hardware specs include a Bluetooth module, infrared RX/TX and 128KB Flash Memory (without bootloader).

More information about Babuino can be found here on IndieGoGo.

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