Video: Up close and personal with DIY animatronic eyes

Animatronics – originally developed by Walt Disney in the early 1960s – describes the use mechatronics to create devices which appear animate rather than robotic. Such creations typically include animals, plants and even mythical creatures.

Years ago, animatronics was understandably limited to Hollywood studios with seemingly endless wads of cash, but today Makers can design their own animatronic creations using inexpensive electronic components and a pinch of elbow grease.

Case in point? A Maker named Lance Gundersen who brought a pair of animatronic eyes to life with an Arduino Uno (ATmega328), two servos, some plexiglass and a couple of doll eyes.

More information about Lance’s animatronic eye project can be found here on Instructables.

1 thought on “Video: Up close and personal with DIY animatronic eyes

  1. binamghimire

    Nice work, but i have a question..since our eyes move on the same kinda motion(like when we look left without moving our head both the eye balls look left being at the same position), cant we use single servo and single bar linkage to manipulate those eyes?..saves energy and becomes more compact i guess..



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