Atmel’s ATmega32u4 drives this mOwayduino robot

The mini mOwayDuino robot – powered by an Arduino Leonardo (ATmega32u4) board – is equipped with a wide range of sensors, including anti-collision, directional light intensity and opto-reflective infrared.

The little robot is also fitted with an RGB LED indicator, frontal LED, red rear LEDs, three-axis accelerometer, microphone, radio frequency module, a two-hour LiPo rechargeable battery and an SPI expansion kit.

In addition, the mOwayduino crew has designed a number of hardware add-ons, including a WiFi module that allows users to control the ‘bot via a mobile device or link with social network sites and email servers. Meanwhile, an optional camera streams real-time images to a PC, helping the mOwayduino learn how to recognize shapes or colors and respond to visual codes.


On the software side, the mOwayDuino robot can be programmed via Arduino’s IDE (Integrated Development Environment), as well as Java, Python and Scratch.

According to TechCrunch, the Indiegogo campaign to fund production of the ‘bot will kick off in less than two weeks.

“If we succeed, in three months, it will be on market. For people supporting the Indiegogo project, mOwayduino will be available at a special price,” a company rep told the publication. “If we exceed the money we need for the production, we will develop a graphical programming app for tablets.”

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