Designing portable fitness devices with Atmel’s SAMA5D3 eMPU lineup

Atmel’s lineup of ARM Cortex-A5 processor-based eMPUs (embedded microprocessor units) do not compromise when it comes to performance, power and ease of use.


Operating at 850DMIPS at under 200mW, the SAMA5D3 eMPU is ideal for a wide range of high-performance, low-power and cost-sensitive industrial applications, including control panels, smart grid devices and bar code scanners.

Of course, the SAMA5D3 eMPU lineup can also power fitness and outdoor portable electronic equipment, which are often used to measure performance (or provide navigation) for various outdoor activities, including running, cycling, hiking and golf.

Such devices offer low active and standby power consumption, while reducing battery size and extending time between charges and offering fast wake up to respond to user commands.


Key (supported) features include direct support for TFT displays, capacitive touch,
camera sensors and audio. On the software side, designers can look forward to Atmel’s extensive SAMA5D3 dev ecosystem, which offers up in-house as well as third-party suppliers in modules, kits, OS, RTOS, Middleware and UI solutions. Atmel also provides and supports Linux 3.6.6 as well as Android 4.0 (ICS) packages, while the SAMA5D3x-EK evaluation kit facilitates quick evaluation and development.

Interested? Additional information can be found on Atmel’s SAMA5D3 ARM Cortex-A5 eMPU homepage.

2 thoughts on “Designing portable fitness devices with Atmel’s SAMA5D3 eMPU lineup

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