Atmel’s SAM4L ARM MCU tech powers game controllers

Atmel’s SAM4L ARM-based microcontroller lineup redefines the MCU power benchmark, delivering the lowest power in both active (90µA/MHz) and sleep modes – 1.5µA with full random access memory (RAM) retention and 700nA in back-up mode.


Simply put, the SAM4L lineup is the most efficient MCU tech available today, achieving up to 28 CoreMark/mA (using the IAR Embedded Workbench), while also offering the industry’s shortest wake-up time at 1.5µs from deep-sleep mode.

The SAM4L is targeted at a wide variety of portable and battery-powered consumer, industrial and medical applications.


However, the MCU lineup can also be used to power next-gen game controllers, along with related Atmel tech like the AT24C/AT25/AT93C serial EEPROM and ATR2406 RF transceiver.

On the software side, designers can look forward to an extensive ecosystem from Atmel and its partners, with an integrated development environment (IDE) and compiler (Studio 6 is free and integrated), along with multiple libraries.


And last, but certainly not least, there are also production-ready software packages available for drivers, software services and libraries. Interested? Additional information can be found on Atmel’s SAM4L MCU page here.

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