Housekeeping? Nope!!! A DIY Breach That Can Be Easily Prevented with Encryption

In an attempt to expose the vulnerability of a hotel room lock manufactured by certain big lock company, a hacker has posted his hack of it online.  There are more than 4 million hotel rooms in the world that could potentially be affected.  And the most disturbing part? It doesn’t take any sophisticated equipment to carry out such a breach: simply an Arduino kit (a mini computer for tinkerers that costs less than $50) and some basic coding skills!  The hacker “found that he could simply read this 32-bit key out of the lock’s memory. No authentication is required”.  It’s a scary incident but also one that can be prevented quite easily. By integrating one of today’s turnkey security chips into the design of the lock, the lock manufacturer can prevent hacking and other security breaches.

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