Internet of Things — How Do You Feel About the Role of Machines in Our World?

The “machines” are, indeed, taking over. How do you feel about this?

We’re getting deeper into the era of The Internet of Things (IoT). What we’re seeing–and using–is no longer sci-fi fantasy. In healthcare, the combination of IoT and genomic research is moving us toward more personalized medicine.  On production lines, machine-to-machine (M2M) communications is getting product out the door, quickly and efficiently. In our homes, we can remotely activate a variety of systems–lighting, security and entertainment, just to name a few. And Google, as you’ve probably heard, is testing its self-driving car.

According to Forbes, there are about two Internet-enabled devices for every person in the world today. Analysts expect that by 2025, there will be nearly 50 billion Internet-enabled devices.

Just yesterday, Atmel announced that it is acquiring Ozmo, Inc., a leading developer of ultra-low power Wi-Fi solutions. With this move, Atmel strengthens its product line up to enable the design of smart, connected devices, including those targeted to IoT.

As a design engineer, how do you feel about the opportunities available to use your engineering ingenuity to create Internet-enabled products that are changing the world? And as a consumer, how do you feel about the power that these products now have?

2 thoughts on “Internet of Things — How Do You Feel About the Role of Machines in Our World?

  1. eek

    IoT is an interesting topic and opportunity for a more comfortable living while using less energy but currently most companies head a path that already failed home automation for the masses: while the technology and ICs would easily allow to design full interoperable systems a lot of product use own, undisclosed protocols – no standards, no documentation. There is often no way to combine products of different vendors – and there are no vendors so far that could offer products for all areas that could be combined. Too bad because hobbyists often show that such things can be technically done – but for now its only for those people who build the missing links between all there smary systems themselfs…


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