Arduino the “Glue” Behind the Internet of Things

“Everything will eventually be connected to the Internet and Arduino will be our glue.” — Juliette Powell, We the Data

Will 2013 be the year of the Internet of Things? Indeed, more and more “things” around us are busy collecting data, connecting to other devices and machines via the Internet, and causing those devices and machines to act on that data.  As our world becomes more automated, We the Data’s Juliette Powell surmises that the Arduino platform, developed with Atmel AVR microcontrollers, will become the “glue” behind the Internet of Things. Arduino, Powell writes, is how we humans can give something to the Internet. And the fact that Arduino is an open-source hardware platform aligns with the very basis of the Internet,  architected around open-source software.

Do you agree that Arduino is the glue behind the Internet of Things?

1 thought on “Arduino the “Glue” Behind the Internet of Things

  1. Embedds (@embedds)

    I think Arduino shiny dominate times are going to past. Maybe not next year or another. There are many other platforms that try to share same idea of simplicity, fast setup and low price. ARM Cortex processors can give much more processing power for same price and can be programmed simple way. Cheap Linux boards like Raspberry Pi also starts kicking in. More and more manufacturers start to notice the power of open hardware and strength of communities. But it seems that 2013 will still belong to Arduino.



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